Thule is a leading manufacturer of bike carriers for cars and trucks, and are the leading company in the industry when it comes to bike carrier systems. Thule designs and manufactures bike carriers for both urban and rural use, and are known for their reliability and long-lasting durability. Their bike carrier systems are made from the finest and strongest materials, and are highly durable even under the harshest conditions.

Thule has a great variety of products for all environments, including carriers for SUVs, trucks and vans, as well as options for recumbent cycles and dirt bikes. Thule bike rack systems are easy to install, with numerous mounting options allowing you to adjust the system to suit your vehicle. All Thule roof boxes and roof rack carriers are designed to safely carry your bike trailer safely and securely, while providing maximum protection to your cargo.

Thule’s car roof rack series is designed for lightweight trailers, such as sedans and hatchbacks. The Thule Trica series offers a lightweight series of racks, with many of them having hard-frame steel frames to ensure that the rack is sturdy and long-lasting. These models also feature strong aluminum frames to minimize flexing, and include an optional roof rack bar that can be easily attached to your car’s roof rails. If you choose to go with a Thule car roof rack instead, you’ll find that these models are available in several different lengths and load capacities, with locking options as standard on most models.

Thule’s other product range includes recumbent carriers and those specifically designed to hold multiple bikes. Thule offers dedicated racks for sedans, trucks and SUV’s. And if you need more than just a single bike, you can easily get a Thule bike rack system that offers a dual drive option. These systems have been designed especially for two people, with a single carrier positioned in the front, and a separate carrier positioned behind the bike, which will hold and store the bike when not in use. In addition, many Thule racks also include a storage compartment dedicated to storing your bike when not in use.

Most Thule models also include a built-in key chain lock to secure your belongings. This means that you’ll be able to open your Thule rack from anywhere, without ever opening the box it came in! Thule has been a leader in the manufacture of bicycle carrier racks, and one of the best carriers on the market today. With a large selection of rack varieties available, and the ability to customize many of their models, Thule continues to lead the industry.

So if you’ve thought about buying a Thule rack, but haven’t yet decided on which one to buy, you’d be amazed at the choice that’s out there. Thule makes a variety of different options, including roof boxes, Thule roof bike racks, Thule multi-purpose bike carriers, Thule eBike storage systems, and even more. By taking the time to look through their catalog, you’ll quickly be able to determine what you need, and which style of bike carrier would suit you best.