Did you know what Ottawa museums are completely free on Thursdays and they are free to enter on Remembrance Day and Canada Day. These museums include the Canada War Museum and the Museum of History. The Museum of Nature and National Gallery are free on Thursdays too, but you do have to go to these museums at a certain time.

As for the beaches, the public can go to the during the season. For transportation, you can take an Uber. Since 2016, Uber has been operating legally in the city.

The city does not have its own subway system. Also, the city doesn’t have hard water. In fact, the water in Ottawa is very soft.

Besides Uber, Ottawa has Lyft, which has been there since 2018. The city uses PRESTO, too. Furthermore around 37% of the city’s popularity speaks French, but English is the most spoken language in the city.

The city has two zoos, with one being Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and the other being Papanack Park Zoo, but if you plan on visiting either zoo, make sure you check their hours of operation. The Macdonald-Cartier International Airport is also located in Ottawa, which means you can fly to Ottawa from virtually any major airport in the world, but a layover or two might be required, but this depends on where you are flying from.. Another fact is that the city does not currently recycle plastic bags, at least for now, but that could end up changing in the future.

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